CSU-Pueblo Chapter of the AAUP
Minutes 08/21/2014

Attendance, Executive Committee: Jane Fraser, President / Jonathan Poritz, Vice President / Donna Souder, Secretary
Absent: N/A

The meeting was called to order by Secretary, Donna Souder, at 3:33pm.

  1. BoG Meeting Report, Jane Fraser & Jonathan Poritz
  2. Upcoming Statewide AAUP Meeting, Jonathan Rees
  3. AAUP Summer Camp, Jane Fraser
  4. Colorado Open Records/Meeting Laws and Requests, Leticia Steffen
  5. HLC Reaccreditation, Donna Souder
  6. AAUP Priorities, Jane Fraser
  7. AAUP Membership, Jane Fraser
The meeting was adjourned at 4:46pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Souder
Secretary, AAUP
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